CreativEdge Daylilies
Eyes / Edges

I simply LOVE double and triple edges on daylilies! 

The Birth of a
 Daylily Farm





Great Garden Performance

Low maintenance, hardy plants with rapid re-bloom and strong branching and bud count.


Rainbow eyed daylilies.  The array of blended colors, 'fractured eyes'  and the quest for a true 'blue'. 


Texture in daylilies?  Sculpted varieties add a whole new dimension and gorgeous substance for long lasting blooms.

Our Focus:

To be perfectly honest, it all started with a trip to the orchid nursery...  My husband is an orchid hybridizer and knows Frank Smith, so while on our vacation in Florida we stopped by his greenhouse.  Being an avid gardener, I knew Frank grew daylilies and had even looked at his website on occasion, but until I got there and saw the amazing blooms in person - I had no idea what I had been missing! 
While my husband met with Frank, I walked through the daylily beds.  Pete Harry was there and was exceptionally kind in showing me around.  I was in awe...  These were not the daylilies at the big box stores, or even at the nursery centers. These were incredible!  I asked about hybridizing and Pete showed me how the crosses are made.  By the time we left, I had a car full of daylilies and a passion to start creating my own breeding.  We started construction on our 'daylily farm' in mid 2011, creating 20 raised beds for our breeder plants.  See the photos here...

Welcome to CreativEdge Daylilies.  We are a small, high quality daylily hybridizer located in Kernersville, North Carolina (zone 7).  Our focus is on large, full formed tetraploid daylilies in an array of colors.  Clean, vivid colors, eyes/edges and patterns are a passion for me! Founded in 2011, we will begin offering a small selection of our own hybrids available in 2014 so stay tuned as the adventure gets underway. 


Welcome to CreativEdge Daylilies